The AVTT Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial Wall is an 80% Replica which is 360 Feet in Length and 8 Feet High at its Apex​.

One of the things that we have really been working hard on from the very beginning, was to get the AVTT Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial Wall at Vet Fest 2018. There are literally hundreds of request each year, so naturally many are turned away. What we failed to take into account though was that getting the wall to Vet Fest 2018 was going to cost several thousand dollars so we came up with an idea. 

​We are looking for 80 Sponsors, like those listed below, to donate $100 each to Sponsor the Wall for Vet Fest 2018. In return for their generous donation each individual or business will have a direct link on our website to their website for one year.

But we need everyone's help to make this really happen. Even if you can't attend Vet Fest 2018 for whatever reason, maybe it's the distance or health issues, you can still participate by helping us fund this wall. A lot of people can't make the trip to Washington DC. This may be their only chance to see all of the names of all of the fallen from that haunting part of our past.

Please consider helping by going to our donation page and make a small donation to our Go Fund Me site. You can donate as little $5 and like they say "every little bit helps". 


P.O. BOX 112




​About The Traveling Wall​